Traditional interior doors

Asselin’s top quality interior doors are assembled with traditional techniques used for centuries, our team can create any design for our joiners to make, we can also replicate the designs found in Historical buildings throughout the whole world.

  • Top quality interior doors assembled with traditional techniques used for centuries
  • Traditionally crafted in our workshop in France
  • Proven quality from France with a high level of detailing
  • Exceptional level of customization
  • Glazed interior doors with true divided lites and antique glazing
  • Paneled authentic doors
  • Hand carving ornamentation options
  • Sustainable development and energy saving certified
  • Choice of wood species including French oak and exotic red wood
  • High Quality Solid or Glulam Wood (French Oak, Mahogany…)
  • Various Hardware brands possibilities
  • Various patinas & finishes with traditional techniques
  • Responsive design, scheduling and delivery