Traditional inswing windows & doors

Windows & doors from the France’s most trusted name in traditional joinery and carpentry with more than 50+ residential projects delivered in the USA since 2001. Traditionally crafted in our workshops in France, our doors are assembled with mortise-and-tenon joints , with traditional half-round groove and half-round molding closing system.

  • Exceptional level of customization and details
  • Top quality inswing windows and doors assembled with traditional techniques used for centuries: Mortise-and-tenon joints to increase strength and water-proofing
  • Ball-and-socket joint at astragal for a greater structural integrity
  • True divided lites for superior strength and durability
  • Solid-wood glazing stops with various choice in molding profiles.
  • Proven quality from France with significant noise reduction; water, air and UV protection with improved energy-efficiency with double weather stripping
  • Sustainable development and energy-saving certified
  • Certified product compliant with American building codes
  • Choice of wood species including French oak and exotic red wood
  • High Quality Solid or Glulam Wood (French Oak, Mahogany…)
  • Extensive glazing options: Solar control, Low-E, Laminated, leaded glass…
  • Various Hardware brands possibilities
  • Responsive scheduling and delivery