History & family heritage

The name of Asselin has been associated with the most beautiful edifices for more than half a century.


In 1957, a young carpenter by the name of Gérard Asselin set up his own company in Thouars (Deux-Sèvres), in western France. Combining his demanding standards with his instinct, he was able to quickly gather a remarkable team around him, allowing his company to be recognized for the high level of its workmanship.


With strong bases in carpentry, woodworking, cabinet-work and ironwork, the company forged a strong image and reputation in the 60‘s and 70‘s which led it to position itself as a major player in the renovation of historic monuments.


The 1980‘s saw the company take charge of the renovation of prestigious monuments throughout France (Val-de-Grâce, Légion d’Honneur, etc.). Thanks mainly to sustained efforts in the integration, the training of young craftspeople, as well as rigorous monitoring of quality, the company extended its scope and its work won the recognition of many, in both the public and private sectors.


In 1991, François Asselin, Gérard Asselin ‘s son, took over the management of the company. Building on his father’s experience, he pursued his efforts for a quality without compromise, but gave three new directions to the company:

  • opening of an office in Paris,
  • opening of an office in one of France’s overseas dependencies (La Réunion),
  • and pursued growing the company internationally through the opening of the subsidiary, Asselin Inc., in the U.S.A, in Atlanta, Georgia. Asselin has already completed more than 50+ projects to its name in the United States.

2000 and Beyond

With more than 140 employees in France, its overseas dependencies and the United States, the new century saw several major initiatives on Asselin’s part:

  • Opening new lines of innovative and high performance windows & doors with the launch of the Hurricane Miami-Dade certified line, the Ballistic Bullet-Resisting line, the Solid Bronze-Claded Wood Authentic line, and the Wallet ® insulated leaded and stained glass line; and always more to come.
  • Through its involvement in the construction of Hermione, Asselin played a historic role in this full-scale replica of the original ship.
  • construction of Hermione,
  • design and manufacture of a new range of wooden windows,
  • desire of the company to innovate and to diversify, with the creation of Asselin Innovation,
  • choice of an environmental direction and sustainable development through adherence to energy standards and the traceability of our supplies.