Asselin core value & know-how

Since 1957, Asselin’s core business in France is the restoration of historical monuments in traditional joinery and timber framing with in such well-known projects as the Châteaux de Versailles, Chantilly or Chambord; Le Louvre, and the Palais Garnier opera houses of Monaco and Paris, among countless others. Our commitment to historic restoration is the keystone of Asselin’s core values, and animates our work in every project we undertake globally.


Asselin is now a major worldwide player in the restoration of historic monuments and a partner of your wood projects. Passing on our skills to the next generation so that they can further advance them is a tradition that has always been the heart of our company. Asselin has therefore been able to forge its technical mastery by bringing our ways together with new technologies.


Our traditional ways combined with technological innovations make no project or structure too complex for us to find a solution for. From design to implementation, there is constant synergy between everyone in the company, all of them men and women with honed skills. This richness of our craft is the fruit of an uncompromising approach to our work every single day, one that we wish to share with you and to implement in your projects. We invite you to discover our references and our craft and hope to be able to bring our motivation and our passion to your future projects. If given the opportunity, we will prove ourselves worthy of your trust and expectations.


Benefiting from its extensive knowledge in historic monuments restoration and the highly developed skills of its master craftsmen, Asselin can provide one-on-one architectural consulting and unique solutions that meet your project specifications beautifully. We thrive on great ideas, unusual challenges, even projects that seem impossible to other manufacturers.


  • Expert craftsmanship & customization capabilities
  • On-demand custom windows & doors made with French savoir-faire
  • Unique expertise & advising embedded into deep culturaL roots
  • Highest quality materials
  • High level and flexible dedicated service in the US
  • A never-ending list of options